Digital Transformation Agent (TA) program, powered by Howspace

Change starts with people. To drive real transformation, you need the skills that help to create collaborative impact in a human-centric way. Join the Transformation Agent program and learn the skills of the future.

Join us for this innovative training program and learn the skills of the future.

Is this program for me?

The Transformation Agent (TA) program is for people who are looking to learn more about driving change in a human-centric way.

The program is especially fit for change and transformation consultants, facilitators, learning designers, as well as business and HR leaders. The type and size of the organization you work with don’t matter. You also don’t need any prior experience in using Howspace — you will learn the ins and outs of the platform during the program.

What will you learn?

You'll learn what the human-centric approach to transformation looks like and how to build collaborative impact on the Howspace platform.

At the end of the program, you have acquired skills to facilitate and drive human-centric transformation on Howspace digitally. Once you complete the program, you will receive the Transformation Agent certification.

As you join the Transformation Agent program, you may be just starting out on a transformation journey in your organization, or you want to learn how to create collaborative impact together with people.

Learning Process

Significant changes and real transformations are not built in one direction, but the prerequisite for success is interaction - both in remote work, close work and hybrid working. That's why in this program too, joint development and peer learning are at the center, utilizing the world's leading digital facilitation platform, Howspace.

The learning journey consists of

  • independent advance assignments
  • Prelude - opening gathering (45 min)
  • Live training sessions (4 x 2 hours ) descriptions below
  • Practice the task you have chosen
  • Discussions and sparring sessions at different times, as well as learning reflections
  • Epilogue - closing gathering (45 min)

The global Transformation Agent, powered by Howspace training program, was created and developed by an international group of Howspace partners. Thanks to different people, the program was created to meet the challenges of today's working life. It was a great honour to be part of that group and to now be able to offer the program to you.