Why hire a professional leadership coach? 8 reasons why you should.

Are you thinking about hiring a professional leadership coach? 

Perhaps you are researching the benefits and what a leadership coach can do for you.

You are doing the right thing; you need to know what to expect. Let me help you.

During my first 20+ years as a manager and leader, I often wondered what a leadership coach is and could they help me. I found myself wanting to speak to someone who was not my boss or one of my team. Why?
  • One, I did not want to feel inadequate (stupid) in front of my boss, and
  • Two, I did not want my peers to think I was clueless.
As the saying goes ‘if you can’t find one, become one’ (well I made that up) and so I did.
What I discovered during the past 12+ years as a front-line leadership coach and consultant is this.
Many new and emerging leaders are often left to muddle their way through the day. In what I call the ‘leading people and managing tasks pendulum swing’ with little to no support.
As an individual, have you found yourself in that position?
As a company, have you found that you could not provide the support? To be fair, there are many good reasons for this challenge. (another post coming)
Regardless of your role, if you are managing tasks and leading people, then you have a busy day. And, the demands on your time are constant and often feel endless. Here begins your development struggle as a new or emerging leader. You want to grow and improve. But, there never seems to be enough time to get the learning or support that you need or desire.
Can coaching help you? Yes, it can, although you should decide if it is right for you.
So how can a professional leadership coach help you and your organisation get what you both need? There are many reasons to hire a professional leadership coach. The following short list will get you started. 

Here are 8 benefits of engaging a professional leadership coach. 

1. Confidential Sounding Board

There are days when you need to offload and learn from your experience and turn it into a positive event. Your coach will be the shoulder you need to lean on for support when you falter, are unsure or discouraged.
Confidentiality is a core coaching ethics.

2. It’s all about You

You will have a professional that will bring out the best in you by identifying your strengths. Your coach knows how to draw out what you are good at and take those skills to the next level of greatness.
The journey is yours, and your well-trained coach has many ways to guide you in achieving success.

 3. Gifted Communicator

A professional coach knows how to ask questions for which there may not be an answer. Your coach will both encourage exploration and nudge you through conversational agility.
Your coach will know how to double-click (check-in) on words used to open up meaning. They may help you reframe; to see things in a different light. Redirect; by moving you to a different position. Refocus; by helping you to see things in greater detail.
Great coaches have empathy. They understand that listening to connect is to have an open mindset and a healthy dose of curiosity.

4. Help you get out of your own way

Your coach will guide you in finding ways to get you out of your own way. It happens to all. When you get stuck, have feelings of overwhelm, need direction, and more your coach is there for you.
A great coach comes with a kitbag of ideas, examples, tools and experience to assist you to get out of your own way.

5. Impartiality

A skilled coach will listen to your concerns and challenges without judgement. Your coach is not invested in your work or personal life, so they come to you with openness and curiosity.
Your coach provides you with a safe space to share, open up and explore.

6. Asking Questions

The key to excellent coaching lies in the power of asking questions. Your coach will guide you through the assumptions you may be making about yourself. They will help you find the truth of your assumptions so that you can move with new direction.
A well-trained coach will help you change your narratives, the stories we tell ourselves. You will have someone able to help you face and overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.
One of the greatest gifts a coach brings is the ability to ask powerful and insightful questions.

7. Trusted Advisor

We all need to be accountable for our choices and directions. Your coach will help you stay grounded with actions, plans and direction. They will keep you honest with yourself.
Your experienced coach is there to provide tools and knowledge for your consideration.

8. Success Buddy

Your coach will celebrate all your wins great or small, as they have the heart to see you succeed in all your glory.

So! is Professional Leadership Coaching for you?

Coaching works best for individuals who are willing to get outside of their comfort zone.
Coaching is the secret weapon of high performers.
How many outstanding sportspeople do you know that do NOT have a coach? Answer; none.
As a professional leadership coach, I have a coach to ensure that you get the best from our experience. My coach is there for all the same reasons I listed above and more. Reflection is a key to professional development success. Be it as a coach or leader.

Are you a new and emerging leader?

Would you like to get out of your comfort zone?

Would you like practical, down-to-earth coaching?

Is coaching the best option for you?

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