Welcome to Howspace

I am a Howspace Partner and Certified Digital Solutions Provider.

Howspace is at the heart of all my Digitially Facilitated Programmes.


What is Howspace?

Howspace is a scalable solution for collaboration and learning designed for guided collaboration journeys-for however people best work, wherever they are.

Howspace empowers consultants, facilitators, leaders, learning experts, and community managers to:

  • Put the worker at the centre by leveraging working methods and supportive tools for both synchronous and asynchronous work.
  • Incorporates an open, experiential learning approach (rather than focusing on the final destination) to create impact together.
  • Leverages technology to make sense of large-scale conversations across locations, cultures, and languages.

How I Help

At the beginning of 2020, when we were all thrust into a new world and ways of working, I discovered Howspace™️ and spent hundreds of hours learning and designing many worksites. The platform has become core to all my programmes, and I have helped many others with designing and facilitating Howspace.

I am a regular contributor to the Howspace Community and they call me a super user. 💪

A short video explaining why I 💜 Howspace

My Howspace Experience

Now, How Can I help You?

Below are three clear ways I can help. However, if you want to check which suits you best, please book a 15-minute complimentary chat with me here.

Howspace Pick my Brain

£ 60.00 30 minutes
  • You are doing well but feeling a bit stuck with an idea and just want to check the best widget or process to use. You need to talk it through.

Howspace Program Design

£ 125.00 per Hour
  • You are looking for help with designing your worksite to get the best from your workshop or event. Email me with your needs and we shall make a plan.

Digital Facilitation & Hosting

£185.00 per hour
  • Looking for specialised digital hosting either as your tech host or co-facilitator then reach out and lets discuss your needs and if I am the right fit.

Check out how many ways you can use Howspace

Howspace is a versatile platform that can be leveraged in different ways. Here are four primary application areas where it empowers collaborative impact: Design the online work environment that centres collaboration and inspires everyone to make their voices heard.

Howspace Use Cases

Powering Collaborative Impact

Howspace How You Can Use

Now, How Can I Help You?

I can help you with your digital Howspace program design and facilitation. You can pick an option above, or

If you are not sure what you need, book a 15-minute complimentary chat with me here and let's discover how Howspace and my skills can support you.