The Future of Work Training and Collaboration

If we have learnt one thing over the past three years, the future of work looks different now, and technology is our friend.

Even with zoom fatigue, we generally understand that it would have been much more difficult without the multitude of ways we have been able to communicate and collaborate.

However, it has certainly has its challenges.

Here are some observed challenges, and you may have experienced a few more

  • Leadership is being challenged at every level
  • Teams struggle to work out how to collaborate in a hybrid world (where we work from is now a choice)
  • Everyone is trying to figure out how to work together from anywhere
  • Systems and processes are struggling to meet the needs of organisations' multiple options for getting stuff done
  • And everyone is learning how to be inclusive and appreciate diversity

Where do you start?

In reality, individuals and organisations alike are at the beginning of our global journey towards understanding how to work out loud from anywhere. And every organisation, team and leader has different needs.

You can start developing your skills in the following broad areas.

  • Communication
  • Team agreements
  • Digital literacy
  • Improve meetings (haven't we been asking for that for such a long time)
  • Digital facilitation skills

Let's move you forward and leverage online collaboration for your business, leadership and teams.

How I Help

I have been a remote worker for the better side of 20 years and would love to share that knowledge with you.  Since the beginning of 2020, I have been involved with many virtual events and workshops.

Here are my offerings in how to deal with the virtual and flexible ways of working.

  1. I help you, teams and leaders navigate the world of flexible work. How to lead, how to communicate as a team, how to be engaging whiles using technology and more.
  2. I help you design and develop engaging meetings, events and workshops all powered by Howspace. Howspace is a digital facilitation and collaboration platform.

Howspace is a versatile platform that can be leveraged in different ways—bringing people together to collaborate and learn all in one place.

No matter what kind of organisation you lead, Howspace is built to support your collaboration needs. With Howspace, you can involve a limitless amount of participants, regardless of time and location. With the ability to improve participation rates by 80-95%, based on the strong involvement features and one-click access.