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I help individuals and teams in organisations large and small to have better conversations. Conversations are where problems are solved. It is also where many problems are born. I support new team leaders in their quest to be confident communicators. And, I help Operational Managers and Leaders transform team communication through understanding Conversation Cause & Effect.

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At the core of every exchange, business or personal, there lies an opportunity to genuinely connect and to create change through conversation. In the workplace there are leaders, supervisors, managers, teams and employees that depend on clear, concise, connected and caring conversation. Their success, like that of the companies, and their safety depend on it.

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"Karin cares about making a difference. She puts her total focus and enthusiasm into the things that she feels passionate about. She connects with individuals within groups and engages them in their learning journey. She makes a stand for what she cares about – and that is people. She is highly experienced as a consultant, coach and trainer in bringing teams together in high hazard industries and models care and concern to those around her." Maxine Fawcett-Sloan, Principal Consultant "Karin Ovari as a mentor: you help an individual and allow them to grow to their own potential and become more successful with your guidance and modelling positive behaviour. You always take a personal interest in everyone you meet and work with by helping them through being a role model, a coach and a confidante through all your knowledge, insight and perspective. You make each person you touch a better person." Olenca Barnard, Sales & Marketing Leader "A caring leader who inspires a cohesive team focused on a common vision. Someone who promotes creativity, being able to look at the big picture while making sure the detail is in place. An awesome human with a big heart and a lot to give, generosity in spirit and being." Nuala Gage, Performance Solutions Manager I worked with Ms Karin Ovari on the drilling vessel Leif Eriksson in 2007. Karin was there as a trainer in HSE safety behavior.. We worked closely as I was the HSE advisor onboard this vessel. She was extremely professional in her approach to training and related very well to the crew who spoke mainly Portuguese. Her presentations were clear and concise, and the behavioral based training helped many personnel realize the importance and relevance of their thought processes and attitudes and the resultant effect this can have in the workplace. I would definitely recommend Karin to any company looking to improve their safety practices. Bryan Loader, HSE Advisor