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Do you want to inspire your team, a group or kick-off an event with some high energy and fun talks?  Is it important to you that participants have the opportunity to learn something of value?

My Workshops & Talks focus on how we communicate and build leaders & teams to create safe spaces that people want to work in. Enjoy just a few of my programs below.

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Ontological Coaching in Action Workshop

Alan Seiler from the Ontological Coaching Institute and Karin Ovari ~ The Supervisors’ Coach
present Ontological Coaching in Action.  

This three-day workshop will introduce you to a powerful new approach for personal and organisational coaching and leadership growth. Join us for a profound learning experience. 

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the conceptual framework and principles of Ontological Coaching
  • Understand how specific linguistic actions shape reality and how they can be used effectively in coaching got shift behaviour
  • Apply a different and deeper approach to the role of listening in coaching
  • Understand the pivotal role of moods and emotions in coaching for profound and sustainable change
  • Recognise, work with and shift the way moods and emotions impact on communication, behaviour and performance
  • Observe and work with the interconnection between basic moods, body posture, and language

Who will benefit from attending this workshop?

  • Existing and aspiring coaches
  • Organisational consultants, leaders, and managers
  • Professionals operating in highly people-focused environments
  • Individuals interested in substantive personal development

Start With Why – online course

If you want to discover your Why, Passion or what makes you tick you cannot go past Simon Sinek’ Start With Why program. I have taken it myself.

This powerful online course is coming soon ~ watch this space

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