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The Personality Compass

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Welcome to the world of  Virtual Coaching. 

We connect via Zoom | Skype | FaceTime | Phone

This means we can have our coaching session from anywhere in the world.

Saving time and energy for you, me and the planet. 

Discover what makes you unique and what you naturally do well. 

How to best relate to others.

How to cushion confrontation and motivate others to success.

Explore which personality types are suited to which particular job

Realise the true value of developing all four types in day-to-day life.

Personality Compass Coaching is fun, easy to remember and use.  It is the gateway for the  improvement of your self-esteem, your relationships, your communication skills and your competence. 

No two people are the same however, we have similarities and so with over 30 years of testing, the PCTi Report reflects your type with astonishing accuracy. It is based on our brain preferences and has modern science to back up it's claims. 

Once you know your direction, we can explore ways to capitalise upon your abilities and how to adapt your behaviour constructively to make the most of whatever situation you are in.

Let it point you in the right direction. 

Welcome to the world of  vi​​​​​​rtual coaching. 

We connect via Zoom | Skype | FaceTime | Phone

This means we can have our coaching session from anywhere in the world.

Saving time and energy for you, me and the planet. 

£249.00 (Incl. VAT)

What Happens Now

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  • You will receive your online assessment links
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  • Future Story - your 2 hr coaching & feedback Session

What You Get

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    Personality Compass Report
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    2 hours of dedicated YOU time
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    Better understanding of Self
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    Professional Coaching
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    Complete Confidentiality

Let's Do This...

Looking forward to meeting you, Karin. 

Why Work With  Me?

Karin Ovari

Karin Ovari

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    Because it is important that you feel comfortable with someone who has experience, and
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    Because I come with 30+ years of self-development, cultural-diversity, business, leadership and management experience across various careers and lifestyles,
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    Because I am a life long learner and explorer of both the inner realm (ourselves) and outer lands including living on 5 different continents
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    Because I have seen and lived through the ups and downs of what life is like when we don’t quite understand or trust ourselves,
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    Because I want to help people enjoy the experience of learning and the exploration of the unknown self,
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    Because I  completely believe in the value of helping you understand what makes you tick, how to manage your emotions, have awesome conversations and become a happier human being regardless of role, gender or culture.
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    Because I am a professionally trained coach, faciltator and speaker
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    As a lifelong learner I have a kitbag of tools and below are just a few of my relevant credentials. 
Association for Coaching

Professional Certified Coach

Personality Compass Certified Practitioner 

Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner 

Certified C-IQ Coach

Certified Coach & Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence

Still looking?

Thinking Partner Coaching

Do you have an idea, concern or problem you would like to work through? Wish you had an independent thinking partner?  Then I am your coach, a great listener and ideas person.

Emotional Intelligence

Learning to regulate your emotions will give you internal freedom. Discover your emotional strengths and how to navigate them for better decision making, success and overall happiness.  

Conversational Ingelligence

Everything starts and ends with conversation. Do your conversations hit the mark every time or not? C-IQ Catalyst coaching will help you understand your conversational intent and style.  

Why frogs you ask? I simply think they are fun. However, on reflection maybe it's about kissing your inner frog and becoming the Prince or Princess you want to be….just a thought. Chat soon.

Leapfrog Prince

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