Karin Ovari

Who I Help…

Supervising, managing and leading, these are the Supervisors’ daily challenges; and not only ‘downwards’ (employees and teams); but sideways (teams and customers) and upwards too (your boss, manager, supervisor, leader).

Oh, and do you have a direct impact on corporate vision, employee retention, sales, customer services and safety, too?

how do I (you)…

Create balanced team(s)?
Inspire and motivate these teams?
Have those tough performance review conversations?
(more importantly) have the positive performance review conversation?
Create and run productive meetings?
Approach my own supervisor (boss, manager, etc.) to get the support I need?
Set up and present engaging and impactful presentations?
Inspire and delight my customers?

… and, can coaching help me with that?

Well, here’s what I think.

In our unstoppable world, it is essential to stop and make meaning of the endless changes and transitions life throws our way.

My coaching is for you when you find yourself in a transitory phase and require a deeper understanding of yourself and your environment before you can achieve the results you want in your career, business or life.

You might be asking yourself:

Are you a self-motivated individual in transition or going through a significant change and want support?
Have you just taken on the role of managing a new or existing team?
Is this your first leadership role?
Are you facing a challenge or goal that seems overwhelming?
Wow! You’ve made it to that new country… oh-oh, cultural challenges and how do you get things done?
And for Safety Professionals (a specialty of mine): your role is to both inspire and be inspiring. Would you like that?

is The Supervisors’ Coach for you?

If you’re interested in working through your challenges, reaching for your aspirations (instead of treading water) and making a positive difference within your organisation; contact me to arrange your complimentary discovery session complete with unlimited amounts of tea and coffee (I knew you’d like that).

Let me show you how cooperation, transformational conversations, understanding your personal compass and demonstrating high levels of emotional intelligence will bring you not only more success but help you make that difference you dream of.