Karin Ovari

What Others Say

Recently, I conducted a little 360 feedback [on me as a leader] and following are what others say… not bad eh!

“Karin Ovari as a mentor: you help an individual and allow them to grow to their own potential and become more successful with your guidance and modelling positive behaviour. You always take a personal interest in everyone you meet and work with by helping them through being a role model, a coach and a confidante through all your knowledge, insight and perspective. You make each person you touch a better person.” ~ Olenca Barnard, Sales & Marketing Leader

“A caring leader who inspires a cohesive team focused on a common vision. Someone who promotes creativity, being able to look at the big picture while making sure the detail is in place. An awesome human with a big heart and a lot to give, generosity in spirit and being.” ~ Nuala Gage, Performance Solutions Manager

“Karin cares about making a difference. She puts her total focus and enthusiasm into the things that she feels passionate about. She connects with individuals within groups and engages them in their learning journey. She makes a stand for what she cares about – and that is people. She is highly experienced as a consultant, coach and trainer in bringing teams together in high hazard industries and models care and concern to those around her.” ~ Maxine Fawcett-Sloan, Principal Consultant

“Strong willed and motivated person who is adaptable to any environment, will support subordinates to her own detriment, will challenge corporate rules and systems to seek improvement.” ~ Paulo Pereira, Managing Director

“Karin is a determined and intelligent woman who is always looking for new challenges in life.” ~ Lani McDowall, Office Manager

“You are a powerhouse, full of vitality and life-experience, which equips you to engage with people of diverse backgrounds. You consistently build people up and are a charismatic leader and your teaching style encourages involvement and skills transfer.” ~ Bridget Day, Marketing Manager

“Not too loud, Not too soft” ~ Julie Moran, Instructional Designer, Consultant

“I’ve only known Karin a short time and find her to be very warm and friendly. Makes you feel at ease instantly and I feel like I have known her for longer.” ~ Gladys Eunson, Team Leader

What Others Say