Karin Ovari

Safety Professional Inspiration Package

are you a Safety Professional looking to inspire and have greater influence?

Are the teams coming to you for your safety expertise because they respect you or because it is a tick-box activity?
Do you feel like the lackey who is on-site because someone said you should be?
Are you finding the teams are avoiding you?
How successful are your ‘safety’ conversations?

There is potentially a long list of stereotypical statements I could come up with here. However, the point is if you find yourself in any or all of the above or other areas of concern, then let’s talk. It’s your journey, and we shall discover what your aspirations are together. Potential area’s for growth are…

How to build rapport quickly, followed by trust?
How can you gain the respect you so well deserve?
How can you develop some coaching skills to move people in the right direction?
Let’s look at how to have transformational conversations rather than transactional.

With over ten years working both onshore and offshore as a behavioural safety and leadership coach within high-hazard industries, I have an in-depth understanding of safety behaviour and what makes a genuinely safe learning-culture. The following package is designed for you.

Safety Professional Inspiration package

This specialised coaching package focuses on conversational and emotional intelligence, not technical safety; that’s your area of expertise. This is a 5-session package, and ideally, we connect fortnightly.

Session 1: 75-min; conversations for clarity and set-up
Session 2: 90-min; DiSC or 16Personalities Assessment Feedback (complete before session)
Session 3: 90-min; EQ-i 2.0 Assessment feedback and coaching (completed before session)
Sessions 4 – 5: 75-min each; ongoing coaching

Safety Professional Inspiration package includes 5 x coaching sessions and two assessments; of course this is completely customisable to suit you and your needs.

Let’s Talk : about your aspirations and how I can be of service
Take advantage of my no-commitment 30-min check-out the coach session

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