Karin Ovari

Congratulations! You're in a period of transition at work and you've found me here.

Let me guess, departments have merged and your responsibilities have doubled. Or, perhaps you're a brilliant technician and have been promoted into a managerial role because of it. Your main challenges are of a supervisory nature; you know, being a person of character and developing that performance-driven environment?

Then it's time for us to connect and for you to succeed.

In order to succeed in any transitional situation, you need a support network. A skilled and experienced coach who knows first-hand that cooperation is the key to your success. I can help you conduct transformational conversations (not just conversations), understand your personal compass and demonstrate an emotional intelligence that truly successful leaders employ every day.

Working with me, Karin Ovari, means drawing directly from years of first-hand leadership experience, benefitting from my practical coaching style and enjoying that ever present twist of humour; essential for getting through the challenges of life.

Make yourself comfortable; I do hope you enjoy the site.

Working Together

There are so many different ways in which we can work together to help you succeed.  Have a browse around and when ready, let’s talk .

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